2009 Diamond Trend – A Yellow Diamond

Both in 2008 (or what's left of it) and in 2009, women must forget what their mothers were telling them a couple of years ago.

A few years ago, people just know that a fine diamond is a colourless one. Just very few people understood coloured diamonds –. Maybe only consumers who read the fashion publications.

But today, even those who read People magazine have seen many celebrities wearing coloured diamond, the blue, green, yellow or pink diamond. So they want them too.

Technology has educated consumers, while exposure to celebrities wearing natural coloured diamonds has driven desire.

It's time to be different. It's not time to wear a classic colourless diamond again. Now, it's time to wear fancy colour diamonds, especially a yellow diamond.

With a natural color diamond you've something rare. With a yellow one, it's so different.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Colour Institute, dubbed "the international colour guru,". Predicts that 2009 should be a particularly good year for all shades of yellow diamonds, as the sunny hues have become familiar fashion favorites (quoted from )

Kenny Friedman, Waldman's president and managing partner says "We developed the 'Arctic Sun Collection'. Of 18-karat gold jewellery, featuring natural fancy yellows in the $ 2,999 to $ 7,999 range.".

Make a natural colour diamond, especially a yellow diamond be one of your collection for the next year.

But, always remember. . . when choosing jewellery, CHOOSE WHAT YOU LOVE! Finding jewellery that not only flatters you. That you feel good wearing is the perfect complement to any outfit.


Source by Wiwin Sutarman

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