Diamond Brokers

Diamond jewelry is sometimes the most popular precious stone today and is used for a number of jewelry pieces including engagement rings and wedding rings. Diamonds are very valuable, especially ones that are v nicely cut. There is a very high demand for diamonds, and there are a lot of jewelry stores and jewelers online […]

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HTC's New Diamond Edition – The HTC Touch Diamond 2

The HTC Touch Diamond 2 is a state of the art flagship mobile phone that has been unveiled by the global leader in mobile design and innovation-HTC Corporation. Hardware The HTC Touch Diamond 2 has a sleek design. It incorporates a metallic case enclosing the sides of the phone. The lower end of the phone […]

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What Is A Diamond Carat?

Has anyone ever asked you this question – what is a diamond carat? Do you remember what your answer was? Even though we all hear this term so very often, few people can actually come up with the definition of the diamond carat. So, let me explain. Jewelers sell diamonds by the carat (ct), which […]

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Facts About Champagne Diamonds

The majority of the Champagne color diamonds are found in the Ragged Ranges in the Kimberley region of Australia. In this remote corner of north west Australia is the largest diamond mine in the world the called Argyle Diamond Mine. Diamonds were discovered here in October of 1979. Since Argyle Diamond Mine was officially opened […]

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Finding the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings

So you have been dating the girl of your dreams for years now with everything going great. You have decided that this woman it the right one for you and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her. The next step is to ask her to be your bride but you […]

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