Components of the Engagement Ring

Buying the perfect engagement ring can be a little overwhelming. You would want something to bedazzle your sweetheart, so choose a ring that is just perfect for this wonderful moment in your life. As little knowledge is harmful it’s best that you acquaint yourself as much as you can so that you can differentiate the best from the good. Understanding the anatomy of the ring is an important step towards this. Broadly a ring can be segregated into three parts that is, the diamond, setting and band.

The diamond is of course the most prominent and attention seeking part of the engagement ring; it’s the primary factor for determining the price of the ring at it’s responsible for adding that lovely sparkle that a ring should have. An engagement ring mostly consists of just one solitaire however lots of other varieties are available too, with multiple diamond settings to grace that one main diamond. The cost of the diamond is determined by 4 Cs – Cut, clarity, Carat and color. Yours should select a fine balance between these 4 traits to get something that suits you and your budget.

Setting is the part of the engagement ring which is responsible for holding the diamond. It’s also called the head of the ring and should be a perfect fit for the shape and size of the diamond. Settings are mainly of two types prong or bezel. With the round diamonds you will have a prong setting which can be four or six prong. A four prong setting helps display more of the diamond whereas the six prong one holds it in place much more firmly and securely. The band is available in a lot of different styles, you can have a vintage solitaire one or a more zesty diamond accented type. You can buy them in 14K yellow/white gold or 18K yellow/white gold, platinum is also a wonderful choice. Two tone ring settings are also in vogue and have a charm of their own.

Yellow gold is a time honored preference for the engagement rings. 18K is a very good choice as with this level of purity the gold’s rich yellow tint is preserved and its strength is also good. Yellow gold suits all skin tones and despite other alternatives is still the first choice. While gold is also in vogue these days, its gold mixed with some alloys which gives it a white color. To provide the final look of glistening white purity of the engagement ring the gold is rhodium plated however over a period of time this coating can wear off. Hence you might need to get it re-plated. Platinum is the most expensive, durable and strong of all the precious metals. Its prohibitive cost makes it out of reach but white gold is a good substitute if you want an engagement ring which sparkles in the beautiful white color. It’s also more substantial and a perfect choice for your special moment.

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