Diamond Certificate – Do not Buy Diamonds Without It

Diamonds are considered to be one of the most precious stones everywhere around the world, thanks to the ever so popular marketing campaign of De Beers which was launched in 1947. Who has not heard about the advertisement that "diamonds are forever"? This simple line unquestioningly changed the diamond market forever.

Indeed, diamonds have come a long, long way. Now, diamonds are considered prime choices for engagement rings to signify thinking relationships. They are also considered as family heirlooms and as wise investment pieces. With almost everyone holding on to their cherished diamond jewelry, the demand for these stones continues to increase dramatically. Without doubt, diamonds are among the most highly coveted gemstones. As such, if you consider buying some, you would certainly want them to be worth exactly what the jewelers claimed them to be. And how do you do it? Ask for a diamond certificate!

A diamond certificate can be accurately described as the blueprint of a diamond. It tells you the exact measurement, weight and the details of the cut and quality of the diamond. In a nutshell, it spells out all the individual properties of the stone itself and provides proof of the stone's identity and value. You may be required to pay for the certificate but its cost is usually quite low. Plus, securing a certificate will provide you a much-needed peace of mind knowing that you are getting your money's worth.

These certificates provide an unbiased description of the diamond, since it is issued by diamond grading laboratories and not by your average dealer or jeweler. At present, there are many laboratories which issue diamond certificates, but the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS) are by far the most reliable diamond grading laboratories in the world.

Here are some reasons why you should not buy a diamond without a diamond certificate:

o You can find the best deals in town. A diamond certificate gives you the exact details of the gem you are considering to buy. Why is this important? Well, knowing the exact features of the stone will allow you to do some comparison-shopping before doing the actual purchase. Here, you have the chance to find the best deals in town!

o You get your money's worth. How unfortunate would it be if you find out that your jeweler has tricked you into paying an extremely high price for the diamond you bought? With a diamond certificate at hand, there will be no more worries about overpaying for a particular piece of diamond jewelry. A diamond certificate allows you to make an informed choice. Therefore, you pay for the stone based on its qualities. No more, no less!

o You get to sell the diamond at a better price. In case you want to sell your diamonds for one reason or another at some future time, you will have the necessary documents to authenticate its value. Plus, selling diamond jewelry, or loose diamonds, without a certificate to back it up is nearly impossible.

o You can safely insure your diamonds. To insure your diamonds, a copy of the certificate will be required to provide a proof of its value. Who else can argument over the actual value of a diamond when it is authenticated by a diamond certificate?

There are many good reasons why you should never even consider buying a diamond without a certificate issued by a reliable laboratory. So, if you are planning to go shopping for that precious diamond, ask your jeweler for its certificate. It will definitely save you a lot of trouble!


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