Diamonds, Cut To Your Taste!

Diamonds can be cut in various shapes. Shapes like a round diamond, a pear diamond or an oval diamond are the most commonly used shapes to grind diamonds. But do you know something about the Marquise or maybe the Radiant shape? We know all about it! Let us take you on a journey and let us show you these 4 other shapes that can be just as astonishing!

The Emerald
The emerald has a rectangular shape. Therefore this diamond shape is often called the octagonal shape. The cut of this diamond varies between very closely square to rectangular. For optimum reflection of the light, diamonds will be grinded from 48 to 50 facets. When this shape is used, the diamond will have rectangular facets, on each side and each corner.

The Marquise
This shape is also known as the Navette. The transmission over the years would grant the naming at the mouth of the Marquise of Pompadour. The shape is characterized in a diamond that tapers towards the ends and this gives an inner radius. The grinding itself is a difficult job. The 56 facets must be grinded proficiently and precisely. This cut of diamond was designed at the request of Louis XIV.

The heart shape
Despite the fact that the technical description of the polishing of the diamond at the heart shape is anything but sentimental, this diamond shape is considered the most romantic of all cuts. It is the symbol of love and therefore it has a special character. Actually the heart shape is a pear-shaped diamond with a cleavage at the top.

The Radiant Form
The original radiant diamond shape represents the desire of a man to combine the brilliance of the round shape and the elegant shape of the Emerald cut. After 33 years of research, Henry Grossbard succeeded to make his dream come true. In 1977 he polished his first diamond with the Radiant shape. Thanks to this cut, people could choose between square or rectangular shape, without compromising in brilliance.

There are many shapes to polish a diamond. The brilliance of the diamond varies from shape to shape and from diamond to diamond. Ultimately, a choice has to be made; the diamond has to be polished so that it fits perfectly into the jewel that soon will be shining on your finger, neck, wrist or ear. Do not forget to purchase a matching outfit!


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