Do You Have To Buy Wholesale Diamonds In Bulk?

When most people thing of wholesale, they probably think of large retail clubs. These places sell large quantities of products originally intended for resale. By buying in bulk, retail club members save on the items. The direct relationship between the manufacturer and the customer eliminates the middleman. However, when it comes to wholesale diamonds, it is not quite this simple. In short, you do not have to buy wholesale diamonds in bulk to receive wholesale prices. However, just like retail clubs, there is a direct connection to the manufacturer.

Traditional Diamond Retailers

Traditional diamond retailers purchase their products from diamond manufacturers and wholesalers. These manufacturers create their engagement rings and other fine jewelry using diamonds purchased directly from the diamond cutters. The cutters are located all over the world ranging from India to Russia to Canada. However, Adiamor is not a traditional diamond retailer. Instead of purchasing completed rings from jewelers, we create them ourselves. Our certified gemologists work with artisans who create diamond engagement rings directly for our customers.

Wholesale Diamonds and More

By selling directly to our customers, Adiamor passes on the wholesale diamond savings directly to our customers. However, in addition to selling wholesale diamonds, we have the customer service experience as retailers. All of our diamonds are graded by either the GIA or the AGS to ensure their highest quality. Since we only sell conflict free diamonds, you can be certain in your piece of mind with your purchase. Plus, our customer service includes a full 30-day return policy that focuses on customer satisfaction. We have trained professionals waiting to answer any questions or help you purchase wholesale diamonds today. Call us toll-free at 1-877-627-5094 or e-mail us at service@adiamor.com.


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