Grading Lab Overview and Differences

*The following write-up is element of a sequence written in collaboration with the American Gem Culture Laboratories. Special many thanks to Alethea Inns, C.G., Director of Diamond Grading at AGSL for her technological contributions.

In the net age customers assume to know the details of their buys much more intimately- especially the significant ones. In-depth and comprehensive info is more accessible to the consumer today than at any time prior to. Educated diamond consumers comprehend that particular characteristics that may well not be apparent to the relaxed shopper could in fact be substantial in terms of value and overall performance. These factors are unveiled in higher high quality laboratory reviews. In addition, laboratory grading provides specialist, unbiased, third-get together analysis that is not vested in the sale of the diamond.

One significant trend is that today’s diamond consumers are coming to comprehend that diamond cut good quality is arguably the most important of the diamond four C’s. It is also the most hard to realize and assess. A laboratory report that includes an total reduce grade is incredibly advantageous. The American Gem Culture Laboratories (AGSL) leads the business in diamond reduce good quality analysis with their Light-weight Overall performance grading method. Although many other labs have lately adopted some form of reduce grading on a constrained amount of diamond styles, the AGSL has designed the only scientifically vetted, repeatable and precise program for analyzing cut top quality on round diamonds as well as a assortment of other diamond shapes.
A lab grading report not only serves to positively discover the diamond or gemstone and any treatments that a jeweler or gemologist may possibly not be able to detect, but also allows comparison to other like items for buying needs. As e-commerce becomes ever a lot more essential as a advertising and marketing channel, the correct and goal details contained in a substantial good quality lab report permits “apples to apples” searching, empowering the client to choose the ideal values from properly past their nearby area. The A Reduce ABOVE® is an illustration of a branded Super Ideal Diamond that is evaluated and documented in elaborate depth, and can easily be in comparison to other branded diamonds provided the competing manufacturers make offered the required information.
GIA Diamond Report

GIA Diamond Report

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AGSL Diamond Report

A laboratory report from a reliable lab verifies that representations made about the diamond at time of purchase are exact, and that individuals representations are made by an specialist and unbiased 3rd celebration. It also serves the very same function in a potential transaction in the long term must the client ever determine to sell or trade the diamond.

Inscription services are obtainable today in some laboratories supplying an easy way to recognize one’s personal diamond. This can incorporate a considerable factor of peace of mind to the consumer by permitting for basic visible identification. Not only does inscription permit self verification by the buyer, but it improves the potential clients that a dropped or stolen diamond will be correctly reunited with its proprietor ought to it be recovered. For shoppers intrigued in insuring their jewellery, a laboratory report can support an appraiser to properly establish price. This assures that rates paid out are in line with real high quality and if a decline is experienced there is a larger diploma of certainty that it will be replaced with “like type and quality”.

Potentially the best advantage of a laboratory report on a diamond today derives from the presence of innovative synthetic and taken care of diamonds in the marketplace. Modern technology has offered us correct synthetic diamonds (the very first synthetics were really developed in the 1950’s, but have only been common in the industry because the 1990’s), as nicely as High Force Large Temperature dealt with diamonds. In the previous there had been numerous simulated diamonds in the market place that only appeared to seem like diamonds. Most were reasonably straightforward to spot even by the regular client, and well-informed jewelers could effortlessly determine them, but the hello-tech synthetics of today are challenging to conclusively discover even by most jewelers and gemologists. Definitive exams can only be performed at laboratories with extremely innovative and costly products and specifically skilled gemologists who can read and interpret the information from these exams.

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