Grading Lab Reviews Are Not Created Equivalent

Arguably the two most important gem labs in the world are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America – Gem Trade Laboratory) and the AGSL (American Gem Society Laboratories). GIA is by significantly the greatest acknowledged lab in the world with amenities in most of the significant trading centers in the entire world. AGS is tiny by comparison but very essential, having produced a title for alone as a pioneer in the vital location of diamond minimize high quality investigation. The dialogue ofAGS vs GIAreveals far more similarities than distinctions among the two labs, with an AGS certificate shedding light-weight in regions lacking in a GIA report.


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By virtue of getting developed the diamond grading technique that is utilised in a single kind or an additional by all the serious labs in the entire world, GIA has by much the greatest reach of any lab on the planet. It is held in extremely substantial regard and dependable by millions of diamond shoppers and companies globally. Nonetheless, in the spot of minimize grading GIA was late to the celebration and continues to lag behind, and that has fueled the need for the companies offered by the AGS Laboratories.
AGSL Platinum Report with Single ASET Light Map

AGSL Platinum Report with Single ASET Light-weight Map

GIA Diamond Certificate

GIA Diamond Certification

Equally organizations had been originally founded by the identical team of jewelry professionals. The GIA was launched as an institute of investigation and knowledge for the diamond and gemstone trade, even though the AGS was established as an organization of retail jewelers certain by the greatest code of ethics in the business.

In the mid 1990s the American Gem Society recognized a developing require in the industry and proven its own gemological laboratory devoted to the comprehending of the least well known of the diamond “4 C’s” – Minimize grading. Both GIA and AGSL use similar grading specifications for colour and clarity, and report on the measurements of the diamond in a equivalent manner. The big big difference is in the thorough and crucial examination done at the AGSL in terms of reduce grading.

AGSL essentially stepped into the void created as more shoppers turned intrigued in the good quality of reduce, and while GIA was not nevertheless providing that information. During the ten years prior to GIA stepped up to the problem AGS gained a popularity for doing accurate and steady diamond grading and enabling a growing number of buyers hunting for diamonds with prime light-weight performance to simply discover them. Today, a speedily developing amount of diamond shoppers are learning about the substantial influence of minimize good quality on diamond attractiveness. For these astute customers an AGSL Platinum certificate is the pedigree of choice.


GIA vs AGS – Coloration and Clarity grading


As pointed out, AGSL makes use of essentially the very same methodology as GIA for shade and clarity grading, and has recognized techniques to sustain regularity with GIA standards. For occasion, both labs use grasp coloration sets for grading diamond shade. The learn sets utilized by the AGSL are graded by GIA and assembled in accordance to the rigorous expectations GIA has proven for their use.

Due to the fact color and clarity elements of diamond good quality include some diploma of subjectivity and are in the long run graded by people, conjecture is usually heard that 1 lab grades much more leniently on one particular or the other element than the other lab. The truth is that all key labs acknowledge an inherent one particular-grade acceptable deviation among them. There have been and often will be instances exactly where diamonds submitted to both labs outcome in various grades. And these variances go in the two instructions. No study has been completed to properly exhibit that one lab is regularly more or much less stringent on both color or clarity than the other.


AGS vs GIA – Lower grading on fancy cuts


AGSL has designed the only scientifically vetted system for analyzing lower high quality and light-weight overall performance in diamonds. The beauty of the AGSL system is that it can be applied across multiple diamond designs and aspect preparations. Nowadays, in addition to rounds, AGSL gives lower top quality reporting on princess, oval, Asscher, and many proprietary diamond designs. Other shapes will ultimately be additional to the record. In contrast, GIA delivers an all round minimize assessment only on round brilliant diamonds and has introduced no around expression prepare to roll out cut grading on any other condition.


AGS when compared to GIA – conclusions


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