Greatest Myths About Buying Diamond Engagement Rings Busted

As soon as you decide to purchase a diamond ring, a thousand things would come to your mind. Some of them would increase your excitation while others would escalate your anxiety. Though, there is nothing to get nervous about without you believe any of these myths:

All diamonds are expensive

Diamonds have been categorized into different groups depending upon different factors. The value of a diamond depends upon its colour, clarity, shape and carat weight. For a particular budget, a number of choices are available. A buyer can choose a diamond as per his budget and choice varying in all these factors.

A genuine high quality diamond ring will cost an arm and a leg

This thought is always there at the back of the mind of a potential diamond ring buyer. Most of the people think that to choose a diamond ring as the engagement ring for their spouse would cost them two months of salary. However, it's a huge misconception. Before thorough research work, you shouldn't build up a misunderstanding like this in your mind. Diamond rings prices vary a great deal depending upon many factors.

Diamond rings come in only a few standard designs

There is absolutely no limit on diamond engagement rings designs. The creative jewellery designers of today have put forth a huge array of designs in this particular category of jewellery. From using unique coloured diamonds to embedding them into different metals, designers have been experimenting and bringing about stunning diamond ring designs. Diamond rings vary in style, shape, diamond size, number of diamonds, carat value and many other factors.

Rings with larger diamonds are more beautiful

The size of the diamond isn't the only factor that makes a ring design prettier. There are many other significant factors that contribute to its beauty. Instance, the arrangement of the gems, colour, clarity and cut of the diamond. In fact, rings with smaller diamonds have their own elegant appearance. Sometimes a smaller diamond ring appeals more to women who are searching for something graceful and chic.

Ring designs with a single diamond are the best

it's true that rings with a single large sized diamond in the centre were one of the earliest designs to become popular. Nowadays, diamond rings with one gem at the centre surrounded by a number of little gems and designs with spiral arrangement of gems are more popular. it's all about what appeals to you and your spouse. There is nothing like the best design or a 'not so good'. Design when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

Buying diamond rings from jewellery stores is the only option

Popular jewellery store have a wide collection of jewellery however you can also check out ring designs at online portals. There are many jewellery brands that display their product designs online and can arrange a 'try at home'. Session so that the buyer can try the shortlisted jewellery for their satisfaction before buying.

Buying jewellery online isn't safe

By the time you debate about how safe or risky it's to buy jewellery online, many buyers would've taken the advantage of this option getting their choicest jewellery at amazing discounts being delivered safely at their homes. Online jewellery stores provide the buyers with all the certificates that authenticate the genuineness of the jewellery being purchased.


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