Hearts On Fire Diamonds – Are They Worth The Price?

If you're in the process of shopping for an engagement ring or any diamond jewelry for that matter, you may have heard about the hearts on fire diamond. You may also notice that they're very pricey! "Hearts on fire". Is a brand name. Just like Coke is a name for brand of cola, hearts on fire is a name for a brand of diamond.

The company prides itself on producing only the highest quality diamonds out there. They claim that their diamonds are so expertly cut that you'll not find a more beautiful diamond anywhere. they're partly right. Hearts on fire diamonds are absolutely breathtaking.

It's important to understand that the single most important factor in how a diamond "performances". (how bright, sparkly and fiery it appears) is the way in which the diamond is cut. it's an area that's far too often overlooked as many jewelers don't take the time to explain how big of a role cut plays when choosing a diamond. The company hearts on fire decided to only put their name on diamonds that met certain parameters when it comes to cut. For this reason, all of their diamonds are absolutely gorgeous and would make any girl giddy! However, the diamonds come at a very inflated price.

Hearts on fire has spent millions and millions promoting their brand. All of these advertising costs have to be paid by someone. In this case it's the customer who foots the bill. The price is significantly higher than other diamonds (this was exactly their goal –. They wanted to establish a strong brand name and charge a premium for the name).

Hearts on fire is a successful company that sells gorgeous diamonds. However, you can find equally beautiful diamonds at a far lower cost.

There are plenty of diamonds that are cut evenly well that aren't sold by hearts on fire (for a better understanding of cut visit my website) that sell for a much lower price. The trick is knowing how to find them. Once you know what to look for, it becomes easy to find diamonds that are just as pretty (or even moreso!) And your wallet won't take near as big of a hit.

If you're in the process of shopping for an engagement ring, I suggest staying away from "branded diamonds". Learning how to pick out the best diamonds at a fraction of the price. Have a look at my diamond buying guide –. It can literally save you thousands of dollars. You can find it at my website. I'm sure that Hearts on Fire will continue to be successful. They've a healthy advertising budget and the jewelry stores love the profits they make from them. And you can not argue with the fact that they're terrific diamonds.

However, all it takes is a little research on diamonds and you'll find a diamond that performs just as well without breaking the bank.

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