How to Avoid Ring Regret

According to a recent survey conducted by David’s Bridal, more than half of brides would change something about their engagement ring if they could. One of my main goals as an engagement ring concierge is to help design rings that match each woman’s personal style. I want every bride to absolutely fall in love with her engagement ring, not wish she could change something about it!

Below are a few of my go-to tricks to help identify your girlfriend’s ideal ring:

  • Take note of her jewelry. The first place to start looking would be the most obvious one: her jewelry box. You will probably find a consistent design and color scheme. Are the pieces bold and chunky? Small and delicate? Are they mostly antique or are they modern? Does she primarily wear silver or gold? The best indication of her taste is the jewelry she wears all the time and is most comfortable with. Try to snap a pic so you can reference it later.
  • Listen! Most women drop hints as to what they hope for in an engagement ring. Any friends get engaged lately? What did she think of their rings? Make an effort to take note on any jewelry related comments she makes, these are most likely not-so-subtle hints she’s hoping you will pick up on!
  • Analyze her hands. You want to select a ring that will be flattering. Round, princess and cushion cut diamonds are universally flattering. An elongated diamond, such as an oval, will make fingers look longer. Wide bands usually make fingers appear shorter. Women with long fingers can wear bolder ring styles. Women with thin fingers can wear more delicate settings.
  • Consider her clothing style. Would you describe it as classic, modern, glamorous, unique, or sporty? Taking her style into consideration is particularly important when selecting the setting. A simple and practical ring, such as a solitaire on a platinum band, will work best for an active, sporty woman. For the fashion maven who loves to dress up, a showstopper with an intricate micro-pave setting will make her happiest.
  • Does she have any allergies? Some women cannot wear white gold. This is not usually an allergy to gold itself, but more likely an allergy to nickel or some of the other metals used to create white gold. If you think she prefers a silver colored ring (rather than yellow gold) a hypoallergenic alternative is platinum.

Finding the perfect engagement ring can be intimidating, but if you follow these tricks she will be wowed when you pop the question!

Source by Nicole Wegman

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