How to Clean and Care for Diamonds With Kitchen Products

You have a unique diamond engagement ring. It's a symbol of a lifetime of commitment. To keep its sparkle at all times you need to know how to care for diamonds.

While diamonds are one of the hardest substances known some are more elaborate and they can be damaged. Here are some tips to care and cleaning diamond rings.

Keep other jewelry separate so it will not get scratched by the diamond or the diamond setting from getting scratched by jewelry when it jostles together.

When you're working out at the gym, gardening or doing other physical work, do not wear your ring. Not only does this prevent your diamond from getting scratched but if the prongs are damaged they could lose their grip and you may lose your diamond.

Your jeweler should check your diamond once a year for a loose stone. Diamond prongs or mountings should be checked to see if they need to be repaired. This will be well worth your time and effort to keep the diamond from falling out and getting lost. Be sure to have your ring resized if necessary to keep from losing it. This is another way to care for diamonds.

You can use items from your kitchen for cleaning diamonds and save money. Add a few drops of dish washing soap (such as dawn) to a pan of warm water and soak for 10 minutes or longer. Remove and brush with a soft bristle brush (toothbrush works fine). Rinse thoroughly, wipe with a soft cloth and let air dry completely. Use additional dish washing soap if needed.

By dropping a denture tablet in a glass of water with your diamond ring for a few minutes, then remove it, rinse and let it dry. This will put the sparkle back into your ring. This is only one of many ways to clean a diamond ring at home.

If you dip your diamond ring in rubbing alcohol then brush it before resuming your regular cleaning, it will help remove oil or grease.

Your jeweler can give you tips for how to clean diamonds or they can clean them for you. Jewelers are professionals at cleaning a diamond ring and can use the ultrasonic cleaner when necessary. This works with a detergent cleaning solution by sending the sound waves in it, causing the vibration to aid in the cleaning process.

Avoid touching your diamond if you are not cleaning it, the oil from your hands can smudge the ring.

Always use a 100% cotton cloth when cleaning a diamond ring.

You can also purchase kits for cleaning a diamond ring, from a jeweler or a department store.

Always use a strainer when cleaning your diamond so you will not lose it in the drain.


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