How to Clean Your Diamond Rings

Beyond any doubt, diamonds are the most precious and hard stones known to mankind. Though diamonds are very expensive, people crave for it because they symbolize eternal love. It is a well-known fact that diamonds are durable and everlasting. However, one should take proper care to retain the sheen and brilliance. In this article we will discuss about few tips on how to take care of your diamond rings and how to clean them.

First and foremost, remove your diamond ring while carrying out household chores like gardening, cleaning and also while swimming, bathing and ablution. Sometimes cleaning agents and oils which you apply to your skin may damage your ring. In short, try to avoid wearing diamond rings while carrying out domestic works which may cause damage to your ring.

Secondly, clean your ring at least once in a week. Clean the ring by scrubbing it with a soft toothbrush, but be careful while doing so. Make sure that the bristles of the tooth-brush are not hard and do not apply pressure while cleaning as it may lead to chipping and scratching. It is always better to close the drain holes of the sink so that if the ring falls in to the sink, it does not get drained away. You can soak the ring in mild detergent with one spoon ammonia and half cup warm water for an hour or so before cleaning it for better results. Soaking ring in cold water containing mild detergent for an hour will also yield good results. If you have not cleaned your diamond ring for long period, try using ultrasonic cleaners or liquid vibrating devices. Once you are done with cleaning, pat it dry with a soft cloth and keep it in a safe place.

If you are not wearing your diamond ring for a long period, wrap it in a tissue paper and store it in a jewelry box. By wrapping in a tissue paper, ring does not get scratched or chipped due to bombarding with other jewelry pieces. Last but not the least, check it once in a while to ensure that the setting is firm and in place. If your diamond gets separated from the setting, consult your jeweler immediately and get it repaired.

Whether your diamond ring is a recent proposition or an heirloom, these few tips will help you retain the sheen and brilliance of your ring forever.


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