Midnight Lady Diamond

She was such a beauty and joy to watch play and learn. If she thread a toy in to my laundry basket she'd stop and bark until we could get in to find it. I taught her that she couldn't knock the laundry out of basket and she didn't. We then took her to Dog obedience class and she did well until my husband would show up and go to a picnic table and ignore her .. Midnite learned fast how to whine and whimper. we'd be walking in a circle and when she could see my husband again she'd bolt with me dragging behind. finally she got better took a couple of visits from husband to get her settled. then he really obeyed the trainer and me.

In 2002 we ended up with custody of my grandson and I was worried that Midnite might hurt the baby, since all our children were grown and no little ones around most of her life. Boy was I wrong, that little guy would go to places I was afraid he'd get hurt so I'd go take his hand and say too dangerous no no. after a couple of this dog started barking and I looked up and Midnite was looking at me and then the baby. she'd blocked the baby from getting in to the place I felt my be dangerous and wasn't moving and the baby was sure trying. pulling midnites hair trying to get her to move .. I went and got the baby and midnite stayed in the area in case he went back again. They became real good buddies. They played together and at nite midnite would sleep for a few hours outside his door. she never did sleep on his bed even when he was sick. couple of nites Midnite had run into our bed room and give a low bark and run to our grandsons door. I'd go check on him and he'd've a high fever.

We were able to take a cruise and of course dogs aren't allowed. we left her in the vet kennel for about 10 days. we called when we could but cell phones weren't allowed on the ship. we enjoyed out trip but hurried home to see Midnite and I was shocked she'd lost weight and not doing very well at all. we took her home and took days for her to settle down and know we were there for her. Poor dear. then few years after that we took her to California with us and we'd a great time, there were lots of pet friendly restraints. she even got to see the beach. it was wonderful. while we were there we noticed a small knot on her neck. We were only there 7 days but by the time we got home the knot was huge. took her to the vet upon arriving home and found it was cancer.
I always knew dogs missed there masters and if they died they morned like humans but I never knew a trip with out your pet could cause such a tragic state on the beloved pets. (we could talk to her when we were able to call)

Rott's or any other pet, are the responsibility of the owner. If trained not to hurt people and owners watch there pets close there shouldn't be a problem. Owners should also know there pets and be aware that pets can be dangerous. You should never get a pet without fully researching the bread and being responsible to train and care for properly. Please be dedicated to your pet and train them so they know how to make you happy.

Source by Elaine Ritchel

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