Old Mine Cut Diamonds – What Are They And How Did They Get Their Name?

Jewelry shoppers who are looking to acquire diamonds in their shopping endeavors will find a wide array of stones to choose from along the way. There are many different types of these gemstones as well as styles which one can select as their chosen jewel. One less frequently discussed diamond type is the Old Mine Cut diamond. These are special for many reasons and once one has heard about all of the positive attributes which go along with the "Old Miner" as it is sometimes called, they may wish to add this type of gem to their jewelry collection.

What Are Old Mine Cut Diamonds?

Old Mine Cut diamonds are stones which have a high crown to them as well as a small table. The culet on this type of stone is also unique compared to other gems as it is flattened on the bottom as opposed to being pointy in nature. They are often square in shape and the corners are a bit rounded to give the stone a unique and unforgettable look. With the way in which the gem is cut, it provides those viewing it with a colorful, brilliant vision. The light is able to pass through the stone in such a way that it produces a beautiful result. An Old Mine Cut stone is one which has a bit of a cushion shape to it and appears more squarish than some of the other styles out there.

How Did These Gems Get Their Name?

The name Old Mine Cut came about due to the fact that the diamonds used to be taken from the old mines located through India. This differs from many of the stones today which are taken from mines located within South Africa. This type of stone was very popular throughout the 19th century and it still seems to hold the intrigue of many diamond purchasers these days.

Reasons to Buy an Old Miner

Old Miners appeal to a select group of diamond purchasers still to this day. There are a number of great reasons to buy an Old Mine Cut diamond as opposed to other types of gemstones. One wonderful reason to buy a gem of the Old Mine variety related to the antique nature thereof. Since these stones were quite popular throughout the 1800's, it is no wonder that their style would have an antique feel about them. This is the perfect type of stone for those women who would love to have an antique style engagement ring as the Old Mine Cut is quite reminiscent of the past.

Another reason to purchase an Old Miner is for the sheer beauty quality surrounding it. As stated above, due to the way in which the Old Mine style of stone is cut, it presents the most favorable results to those who view the stone. When light hits the stone, the result is a breathtaking, sparkling sight. The cut makes the stone appear in the very best light and this is quite a favorable attribute for those who are looking to purchase a gem of this magnitude.

Lastly, the uniqueness factor surrounding the Old Mine Cut makes it a good option for jewelry purchasers. If one is looking for a conversation piece to add to their jewelry collection, then an Old Mine Cut diamond might just be the perfect thing to buy.


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