Our Spirit is like a Magnificant Diamond, Showcased by the Purified Gold of our Character

How pure our spirit is. How clean and beautiful beyond our imagination it is. The glory and the power we have within are unfathomable. The majesty each soul on earth walks with is seen only through the inner eyes of love.

The height of our awareness of the spirit within us is equal to our awareness of the spirit in another. The respect and love we grant ourselves will equal the respect and love we show another.

Adoring a magnificent cut diamond that sparkles like no other light on earth is a way we may observe each other. All precious jewels are unique and individual and can never be reproduced or cut in exactly the same way, our spirit is original. The diamond the spirit is then set in gold and here lays our difficulty. Gold must be purified; the dross must be eliminated for the diamond to be showcased without any illusive flaws. You see it is not the diamond that is flawed it is the gold that reflects the dross in it.

The experiences of life and our perceptions of those experiences are the furnace to which each soul is purified. To release the dross of our character is what is required of the individual. The more the dross is released the more easily it becomes to recognise the diamond, the spirit within. The spirit is then able to see its brothers and sisters for what they truly are. They are other diamonds waiting to be exposed by the cleansing of their characters, their gold.

Seeing only the unprocessed gold without knowing the diamond soon to be showcased, is ignorance and spiritual immaturity. The responsibility is in the hands of the individual to work with the process of purification of their own gold, to embrace the purification process, to hasten the experience rather than waiting for forced purification. Eventual purification will take place, yet how many lifetimes are needed and how much pain shall we cause each other?

The eyes look upon the immediate, the mind focuses on the past and the present, and the spirit is forever looking forward. The spirit desires and yearns for its potential to be magnified and manifested for what its purpose was and is. Its destiny is to be rejoined with the other parts that fragmented over time. The spirit hungers to re-unite with its brothers and sisters that were once a majestic whole diamond.

It is our responsibility to recognise our ‘once upon a time’ beginnings and work towards the reconciliation of those lost parts; yes they are not gone forever, merely lost. We are still glorious as single diamonds; however, we were much more awesome and powerful as one huge diamond joined together. We were cut from the whole in the beginning and there we must find our way back.

I encourage you to see past the dross which is the pain, the shame, the violence, the self-destruction, the disintegration. Look to the diamond which understands its plight, work with the diamond to bring the inner eyes of love upon all of mankind. Recognise your brothers and sisters who were once ONE with you in peace and harmony and love.

Monique Louise Hill


Source by Monique Hill

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