Pear Shaped Diamond Rings In 3 Metals

Recently, pear shaped diamonds surged in popularity. Their unique shape makes them perfect for custom engagement rings when looking for something a little different. Although the pear shaped diamond is appealing because of its shape, it is also a very versatile diamond choice. The elongated shape of the pear diamond works well in solitaire settings just as it does when adding additional diamonds with a halo setting. With the tear dropped shape, the round end exudes excellent sparkle while the point of the diamond creates a dramatic focal point.  Keep reading the Adiamor blog below to view pear shaped diamond rings in three distinct styles and settings.

WPear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Settinghite Gold Halo

With a long history of sophistication, white gold is an obvious ring metal option for pear shaped diamonds. Although the pear diamond has seen a recent rise in interest, the diamond shape itself is rather classic. Due to the rounded bottom, pear shaped diamond rings have a great amount of fire and brilliance. This allows pear shaped rings to be complimented well by both the silvery luster of white gold as well as the addition of diamonds in a halo setting. Ultimately, the pear shaped halo setting is a classy and dramatic choice for an engagement ring.

Vintage Rose Gold

Twisted Diamond Band Basket Engagement Setting in Rose GoldDue to the classic appeal of its elongated silhouette, the tear shaped diamond works beautifully with vintage inspired rose gold engagement rings. The combination of dramatic flair of the diamond point with the romantic pinkish hues of rose gold truly allow this ring style to shine. Vintage rings often include an aspect hand engraved detailing that allows each ring to feel completely one of a kind. However, not all rose gold rings have to feel old to be vintage. By adding additional diamonds in pave settings, the pear shaped rose gold engagement ring can be elevated to exciting new heights while still maintaining vintage inspiration.

Yellow Gold Solitaire

Flat Edge Solitaire Setting 18K Yellow GoldFinally, no list of engagement rings is complete without the traditional yellow gold solitaire engagement setting. The most classic and timeless of all diamond rings, yellow gold solitaires are a perfect pairing for pear shaped diamonds. Even with the classic appeal of yellow gold, the pear shape’s point brings new excitement that draws the eye to the ring. Additionally, though, pear shaped diamonds make fingers look longer and slimmer. This causes yellow gold pear shaped diamond solitaires to be an extremely desirable engagement setting for brides to be. The tear dropped shape truly helps update the classic look of yellow gold.

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