Promise Rings: Learn the Principles Behind the Gifting

Promises are supposedly to be kept. People have been exposed to the teaching about not making any promise unless you intend to keep it. Promise rings are commonly given by lovers to each other as pre-engagement rings. They are tangible symbols of deeper significance, love, adoration and affection. Giving a promise ring to one another is a step forward to firm up a solid commitment to a long lasting friendship and true love relationship. In many cultures such as the ancient Celtic people, lovers have used various styles and designs of Claddagh rings. Other cultures picked up this tradition and kept it alive up to the present century.

However, there are also some which symbolize commitments made by two people to each other not related to engagement and marriage. They can be for promises of monogamy, chastity, abstinence, loyalty and best friends forever, etc. If you are the creative person, you can imagine and conceptualize your own type or model of a promise ring. Any noble venture or partnership can be solidified with a ring of loyalty, trust, fidelity and transparency.

The principles behind the gift of promise rings are love, truthfulness, honesty and determination. Love is what it is all about. You have to be truthful to your promise to fulfill what you have committed. Both of you have to be honest with each other when you violate any of the terms and conditions and ask for forgiveness. Each one must be determined to go back to the time you gain the promise and to overcome all kind of trials. There is also the ring you give to yourself alone that deals with celibacy, abstinence, cursing, etc.

With respect to the motif, designs and features of promise rings, they come in a wide range and options like engraved, personalized and white gold. Engraved rings are the trend because of the flowery, romantic and sentimental quotes. You can engrave a short verse or statement of feelings and emotions that comes direct from your heart. It requires some kind of creative imagination and verbiage to compose an original quote. Doing this approach is a firm expression of the way you feel toward the person you are giving the engraved ring. If you lack this talent, there are other acceptable ways of going about it. You can search for quotes by celebrities and famous people or from the Holy Scriptures.

Personalized promise rings can be made of material such as white gold, yellow gold, palladium, platinum or titanium. There are limitless collections of outstanding designs of these kinds of rings out there. You just view them and get the feeling of smoothness and classiness when you touch the rings. You can opt to add your taste and preference of diamond stones, pearls and other gemstones. These precious stones are also made from different shapes and cuts. It all boils down to how much you are willing to spend for your special personalized ring.

White gold is a popular and precious metal. It is well known all over the world. When you order a promise ring made from this metal, you are bound to experience a unique kind of feeling and pride. Some element of status symbol is being planned when it comes to white gold jewelry. Whether you have the budget or not to add sparkling diamonds and other precious gemstones to your promise white gold ring does not matter. Just make sure you keep the promise permanently attached to it.

The act of gifting each other with a promise ring has a range of inner depth which is indescribable. Its real significance is beyond words and the metal object. The promise rings are merely shadows of the real thing. The real truth behind the act is the motivation and the commitment to stand by your promise come hell or high water. Promise rings are marks of your character, personality and integrity. The moral is do not dare to give this gift to yourself or to each other if you have a lukewarm heart. The heart must be full of compassion and passion when you contemplate in giving promise rings.

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