Safekeeping Facilities For Gold Jewelery

Gold jewelery is of utmost importance; not only for its economic value, but also for the various social issues and emotions that thrive behind it. From glittering festivities to traditional marriage ceremonies, the value of gold cannot be undermined. For such a precious possession, it is essential to look for safety and security measures that guarantee no compromise. However, one is often unaware of how gold jewelery is evaluated, value of antique jewelery and the various insurance schemes available. In comparison to the world, jewelery insurance facilities still have a long way to go, and only with the emergence of private organizations is jewelery insurance gaining due importance.

The two most prominent ways of jewelery safekeeping are insurance and bank lockers. No matter the size of the gold set or the shape of the gold ring, jewelery is very valuable and all factors must be considered while choosing the appropriate security facilities.

For jewelery insurance, only a few chosen insurance players currently offer jewelery insurance facilities. Most policies usually cover accidental loss or damage, burglary and theft only, while some policies also cover jewelery worn throughout. In general, the maximum cover provided is 25 percent of the total insured amount. But, there are also policies that provide an all-risk cover facility for the jewelery. While zeroing in on the desired policy, it is essential to review the policy documents. The jewelery cover should say 'all-risk cover' and must include protection against burglary, fire, theft and other damages.

Bank lockers are the most preferred way of jewelery safekeeping. Since not all bank branches provide lockers, thorough research must be conducted before opening a savings account with the bank, which is part of the procedure. Bank lockers are a personal affair and provide large amounts of space to hold anything – from delicate filigree gold necklace designs to large 24k gold bars. The rates are subject to change on the basis of size, location and reputation of the bank. However, the major catch here, is that the bank does not hold any responsibility, if the stored valuables get damaged or go missing.

Most people believe that bank lockers are better, because they are less expensive with a simpler operational procedure and save a lot of time. Also, locker charges do not increase with the number of stored valuables, unlike insurance. They are multi-purpose in nature as anything from a simple gold necklace to full-fledged property documents and money, can be kept in the locker safely. However, some prefer insurance over bank locker systems, as they will be bound to receive a stipulated amount for loss or damage caused to the valuables by accident or misfortune. So, choosing the appropriate facility is essential for the long-term health of your precious jewelery.

Source by Yashwant Ravi Sharma

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