Say "I Do" with an Antique Diamond Ring

The antique diamond ring is a popular form of jewelry that has traditionally denoted elegance, prominence, and romantic symbolism. The antique diamond ring, however, is considered one of years past, specifically an era more than one hundred years ago. This is a common heirloom cherished by many, not necessarily as much for its gemstone or monetary value as for its sentimental significance.

First mined in India and derived from the term Adamas by Pliny, the diamond holds several references, among them matrimonial union and even royalty. The Cullinan Diamond, the largest gem-quality diamond in known existence, is part of the crown jewels of Great Britain, having 3, 106.75 carats.

The use of the diamond in matrimony is popular in the making of engagement rings, and goes back to the marriage of Maximilian I and Mary of Burgundy in the late fifteenth century. Here is the antique diamond ring. This shows that diamonds associated with both matrimony and royal representation have histories spanning centuries.

The diamond is very expensive, so any jewelry comprised of diamonds, like the antique diamond ring, has a high gem-stone value. As the diamond ages, the more valuable it is, although its gemstone-value does not necessarily change; the antique diamond ring typically has a higher monetary appreciation than a newer or modern diamond ring.

Antique diamond rings have held other significances as well. Since diamonds and gold factored in to such events like the Second Boer War in 1890s Africa, as well as the unfair or oppressive treatment of Africans during the Apartheid era, the gemstone-value has played a major and ongoing role in cultural economy.

It would not be too unreasonable to presume that the diamond on any antique diamond ring may have once served as an initiating element of a conflict between two social parties. This is known as a blood diamond, and its gemstone-value explains this!

Antique diamond rings are keepsakes sold and thought by many at conventions and antique road shows. Anyone having or acquiring an authentic antique diamond ring should hold onto it – such a commodity is of considered wealth!


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