Seal It With a Kiss & a Diamond

Setting the stage for a romantic proposal could be one of the most nerve-wrecking scenarios in a man’s life. The excitement coupled with the anxiety can be quite stirring, especially when you plan something as a complete surprise.

With our social media thriving existence, a zillion such proposals have backfired, where only in an attempt to be out of the box, guys blew with it unpredictable events and reactions. We are certainly not dismissing the idea of being au-courant with your proposal but for the less daring souls among us, a proposal is best when it’s a low key affair and kept simple with just conventional proposal rings to seal the deal. Finding the big engagement rings can be quite a time consuming process unless you are abreast with the trends of the season and have a keen eye to pick up those perfectly designed big diamond rings from a sea of jewelry.

If you have been contemplating to find some proposal rings but have no direction whatsoever, look no further, here are the trendiest designs for big engagement rings that are sure to score you high with your special one.

• Rose Gold Setting

Ditch the conventional yellow gold and make a move to the sassiest metal of the season, the rose hued pink gold, which can enhance any diamond setting with its feminine look and feel. Opt for a solitaire or at best, a three or four diamond setting.

• Color High

For those in love with colors, stones other than diamond make for a great pick. A chunky diamond setting, with a precious stone placed in the centre lends an overall colorful effect to the ring. Your choices could be anything between emerald, rubies, sapphire or even amethyst.

• Accented Rings

Big engagement rings often are created using unique settings for an accented pattern. Floral settings, vines and other contemporary design styles add a modern appeal to the rings irrespective of the color of the metal or the stones used.

• Stack It up

Layers of fine metal gracing the finger is almost like a dream come true for any woman. Appease your special one with a stacked ring that allows for another similar ring to fit in with the same shape and style. These could be in designed using mixed metals and stones and have an extremely bohemian feel to them.

• Band Wise

Sleek and classic bands set in white gold or platinum make for the perfect pick for urban and style conscious ladies. The minimalist design allows these rings to blend with formal as well as casual wear with much ease. The choice of diamonds or other stones can be made to suit the setting of the style

There are tons of options to choose from, however, it is crucial to pay attention to the cut, carat and color of the diamond, besides being eyeful of the design, to ensure your priced possession lasts for years to come.


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