Should I Engagement Ring Shop With Her or Surprise Her?

An engagement ring is intended to be a once in a lifetime purchase. Because of this, the pressure to find the perfect ring can be extremely difficult. Traditionally, an engagement ring is a proposal gift, and the proposal is usually a surprise. However, plenty of women claim to have seen the proposal coming, or they were tipped off by a friend. Additionally, since many brides to be have a particular ring style in mind, they may drop hints. Some future wives even engagement ring shop with their partner; this allows them to get the exact ring they want. If you are currently shopping for a diamond ring, should you engagement ring shop with her or surprise her? There are good reasons for each.

Reasons To Engagement Ring Shop With Her

The primary reason to engagement ring shop with her is she will get the exact ring she wants. Additionally, this may help make wedding planning easier because she may have her eye on a matching wedding ring as well. While some people may say shopping together ruins the surprise, that doesn’t have to be true. In nearly every proposal, the woman is expecting the relationship to result in marriage. Even if she knows what the ring looks like, even if she designed her own engagement ring, the proposal itself would still be a surprise. Plus, if she’s picking out her own ring, you definitely don’t have to worry whether or not she’ll say “Yes!”

engagement ring shop
There’s no feeling like a surprise proposal

Reason To Surprise Her

On the other hand, surprising her has some distinct advantages. Picking out the perfect ring will show her just how well you know and understand her. The mission will be to get some helpful advice from the right people. If you pay close attention to her sense of style, it will help you decide on the right ring for her. Additionally, it can be helpful if you ask one of her close friends you can trust for some pointers. This works best if you have a couple different rings in mind. Additionally, if you ask her parents for permission to get engaged, her mother may have some helpful advice on ring shopping. Even if she is not directly involved with shopping for the engagement ring, you can still find out her likes and dislikes. Knowing her preferences and finding the perfect diamond ring to match her personality will lead to a magical surprise proposal.

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