Signification of Silver Thumb Rings

One of the most popular types of jewelry today that many people enjoy wearing are silver rings. Silver in its natural form is harder than gold. It is still considered too soft for use in fine jewelry. Basically, most of the people love to wear different style of ring on the right thumb each day but for some they want various number of ring at a time. A silver thumb ring is a special ring that brings attention to the thumb and may signify different meaning such as strength, resolve and courage.

Wearing of various number of gold rings would be impossible for certain people especially for those who are not privilege to be born with good position in the society. Silver rings made these things possible, regardless of your position in the society today, various number of rings are possible to be worn at a time without spending a fortune.

Typically, rings are worn on the left ring finger that symbolizes status of being married but for some people they choose to wear it on thumb. Rings worn on the thumb have significant meaning for each wearer either on the left or right. Wearing a ring on the left thumb may signify the subconscious or instincts and beliefs, while wearing it on the right thumb reflects the conscious, logic and awareness. More recently, a ring on right thumb means one is into same sex relationships or for women of centuries ago, it signifies that their husband had passed away. In Chinese history, the military used thumb rings to show ranking. The bigger his ring, the higher the rank the officer served.

For palmistry, the thumb symbolizes willpower and freethinking. Wearing a thumb ring, is an attempt to show your independence and individuality. but for today, rings worn on thumb are just for fashion sake or a design to compliment ones personality.

Sterling silver ring is a cost effective way to give a gift for no special reason. Women love to receive a surprise gift, because they know you’ve been thinking of them. Everyone enjoys a little pampering now and then, including men. Silver ring gifts made to pamper never go out of style. Silver has been a solid alternative to gold for many years. The best part about silver is that due to its low cost, it can be obtained in a number of different styles and shapes.

Despite the common use of ring as a tie band for wedding, there are other reasons why a person may prefer to wear silver rings. There are chosen number of people who use rings to symbolize friendship ties or to symbolize an organization. They may prefer the look of silver over that of gold, simply because they feel that the color goes with the outfit that they are wearing or that the color compliments their skin tone much better than gold does. Aside from its versatility, Silver costs significantly less than gold and especially for someone who wears a lot of rings, the low costs will pay off in the end. You can purchase twice the number of what you can buy for gold ring.

Holiday is fast approaching so why not give your love one an appreciation by giving her a silver ring. Surely, she/he will appreciate it.

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