Simulated Diamonds vs. Fake Diamonds

Believe it or not, there is a big difference between simulated diamonds and fake diamonds. When you think of a fake diamond, you may think of one that is being presented as genuine when it is actually anything but the real thing. A simulated diamond is one that is designed specifically to imitate the appearance, characteristics and conditions of a natural gemstone and is clearly defined as such. It’s important to note, however, that simulated diamonds are not genuine diamonds. Today, the world’s most popular simulate diamonds are known as cubic zirconia. Retailers who offer this popular manmade diamond replica are enjoying its rising popularity in a ‘shining’ fashion.

There are many benefits to owning simulated diamonds, such as an affordable price, a bold look and less heartbreak if something were to happen to your jewelry. When you wear genuine diamonds, you risk losing something that may cost you a small fortune to replace. With simulated diamonds, however, most jewelry pieces can be replaced without putting yourself or your finances in a pinch.

When it comes to size and appearance, simulated diamonds are created to look identical to a natural diamond. They are available in all of the sizes, shapes, cuts and colors as a real diamond and, in most cases, are eye clean in an effort to provide the wearer with a flawless look.

If you are in the market for simulated diamonds, make sure that you purchase your jewelry from a reputable business. An informed shopper is a happy shopper, and an important part of that is knowing who you do business with. Some retailers who specifically deal in simulated diamonds can provide the best variety and pricing, which makes them a popular pick among jewelry lovers. Not only can they offer beautiful designs in simulated diamonds, but they also offer a wide selection of product where there is almost always something to suit every buyer.

In conclusion, cubic zirconia is currently the most popular and accepted of the simulated diamonds on the market. Because it measures an 8.5 on the scale of hardness, it is harder than all other gemstones with the exception of the diamond, ruby and sapphire. In addition, it’s high reflective index of 2.15 is just short of that of a genuine diamond, which measures a 2.41 on reflection. For the wearer of cubic zirconia simulated diamonds, this means that the brilliance and shine of a cubic zirconia is not far behind that of a diamond. Durability, shine, sparkle and price are among the most appealing characteristics of cubic zirconia simulated diamonds. Not only that, but the fact that most people could never afford a large, flawless diamond solitaire also makes cubic zirconia a popular pick for both engagement rings and wedding rings.


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