Statement Piece Engagement Rings

It is no secret that the world of fashion is driven by trends. However, while trends come and go, an engagement ring is meant to be forever. Nevertheless, many engagement ring trends make great timeless jewelry choices. Additionally, certain engagement ring styles will point to specific eras. This allows an engagement ring to represent the time and place you first got engaged. If your bride prefers her fashion to match her unique personality, an on trend engagement ring is the perfect choice. Currently, the hottest trend is statement piece engagement rings.

What Is A Statement Piece?

While celebrities and red carpet trends often drive fashion, statement pieces have their roots in costume jewelry. However, instead of being cobbled together from trinkets, true statement jewelry is still made of the finest quality metals and gemstones. Typically, a statement piece is chunky and instantly recognizable as a unique piece of jewelry. In addition to simply catching the eye, a statement piece is meant to be the defining element of a look. The rest of an outfit is built around a statement piece of jewelry. While many statement pieces are necklaces, they also make for spectacular engagement rings.

statement piece engagement ring
The Three Stone Halo For Round Diamonds in 18K Rose Gold is the perfect statement piece ring


How To Choose A Statement Piece Engagement Ring

One of the best ways to choose a a statement ring is by first deciding on a ring metal. Yellow gold rings are considered to be the most traditional. White gold rings offer a shiny luster that is both elegant and sleek. Finally, rose gold rings embody romance and vintage inspired vibes. With these guidelines, you can then design an engagement ring to match your desired look. Since statement rings are instantly noticed, rings with multiple gemstones are a great choice. This could be any combination of pave bands, halo settings, or adding side stone diamonds or other gemstones. Finally, to truly top off a statement engagement ring, be sure to select a large center diamond that is at least a full carat.

Ultimately, statement piece engagement rings define your bold style. They are the perfect choice for passionate and confident women wishing to define their look with their ring.

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