Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings

While diamonds may be a girls best friend, a new type of diamond will surely depart a large amount of women with their eco-friendly policy. Synthetic Diamonds are diamonds that instead of being harvested by children in Africa, are instead created in a laboratory and are man made. Synthetic Diamond Engagement Rings are created from this laboratory and are taking the world by storm.

There are many benefits to choosing a Synthetic Diamond Engagement ring over the traditional diamond ring. The first being an ethical reason. Hundreds and thousands of children slave away harvesting diamond in Africa. The conditions for these children are terrible and many are malnourished and work for close to nothing. By purchasing a man made diamond, you take money away from the drug lords that harvest the diamonds and much of the money made by them go into money to purchase guns for local militias to fight the government. The second and most sensible reason to order one of these ring is for the monetary reason. Synthetic Diamonds are much less expensive than their counterpart. If that is not enough, even expert jewel crafter can not tell the difference between the two! If jewel crafter's can not tell the difference between the two, there is absolutely no way your wives friends will be able to!

In conclusion, buying a man made engagement ring is a great way to make a difference, save some money, and still provide your wife an beautiful and wonderful piece of jewelry that she will love.


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