How Does Diamond Clarity Affect Its Beauty?

When talking about diamond clarity, you need to understand that each and every diamond has its own distinct internal characteristics. Jewelers call those internal characteristics inclusions , meaning that something has been included within the stone while it was forming in nature. Every diamond's internal structure is unique. No two stones are the same, therefore […]

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Diamond Basics – A Crash Course For First Time Diamond Buyer

Page Summary: Basic diamond information describing how diamond characteristics affect value when buying or selling. A quick tour! The four C's is a popular guide into basic diamond descriptions. Carat, Color, Clarity, Cut Carat: The weight of the diamond is measured on a carat scale. There are five carats in one metric gram. The term […]

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Diamond Clarity – What Are Inclusions and Blemishes?

Clarity, being one of the four C's, is one of the most emphasized components of evaluating the value of a diamond. Blemishes and inclusions essentially make up the two facets of diamond clarity grading. One example of an inclusion is laser lines, which result from enhancement procedures. When a diamond has a scratch or abrasion […]

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