The History Of Chocolate Diamonds

The history of chocolate diamonds is important. Becoming familiar with it can help you better understand both their value and their significance in the jewelry industry. Did you know that chocolate diamonds first appeared over 400 years ago? Many believe this was the first time that these precious stones made an appearance in the jewelry […]

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Letting You Know 6 Amazing Tips to Buy Diamond Jewelry

Colored diamonds are rarer to find. These gem stones can turn out to be a little pricey over the translucent diamond stones. But the colored stones are very attractive to look at, especially if you love sporting intricate forms of jewelry. Letting you know 6 great ways on how you shop for colored diamonds: Carat […]

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Facts About Champagne Diamonds

The majority of the Champagne color diamonds are found in the Ragged Ranges in the Kimberley region of Australia. In this remote corner of north west Australia is the largest diamond mine in the world the called Argyle Diamond Mine. Diamonds were discovered here in October of 1979. Since Argyle Diamond Mine was officially opened […]

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Coloured Diamonds – Are They Genuine Or Bogus Diamonds?

Coloured diamonds are superior style currently. The trend for sporting them commenced on the movie star Red Carpet, and when A-listing figures, this kind of as Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham been given pink diamond engagement and eternity rings, curiosity peaked. And where the celebrities go, everyday fashion follows. But most colored diamonds these times […]

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