Clarity Enhanced Diamonds – Some Things You Need to Know!

What they are and what they are not … Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds that just needed a "makeover". These are diamonds that are for the most part reliably clean except for a legitimate inclusion or two. Think of it as getting a bit of plastic surgery. A "diamond plastic surgeon" starts with a diamond […]

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What Are Color Enhanced Diamonds and Are They For You?

Diamonds are naturally available in a very wide range of colors. Most people know about colorless diamonds and GIA’s color grading system that is used to classify a diamond’s body color… you know D, E, F, etc. This color grading system is only used to classify the most common diamond body color of yellow however […]

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What Does "Clarity Enhanced" Mean and Should You Avoid It?

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds can provide nice savings for someone looking for a diamond. You can get a “nicer” diamond for less money. But should you? First you have to understand what “clarity enhanced” means. “Clarity enhanced diamonds” are diamonds that went through any of a number of processes used to enhance a diamonds level of […]

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