The Ashoka Diamond: Beyond Diamond Rings

Most everyone who loves diamonds has heard of an Ashoka cut diamond, which is a patented cut by the Wiliam Goldberg diamond gallery and is based off the original, larger diamond, which was discovered in India and named after an ancient warrior king.

While the story of Ashoka is rich, steeped in history, and well known by those who love these diamonds and their brilliant cut, what they might not know is their beauty and style is not just limited to rings. Ashoka diamonds are also used in stylish and unique bracelets, necklaces, cufflinks, and even watches that all carry the luster and singular sparkle of a gem made for a king.

While many people are aware that Ashoka cut diamonds make for engagement and wedding rings like no other, they are also used in other kinds of jewelry for both men and women that will get them noticed wherever they go. The name Ashoka is equated with royalty, and the rarity and value of these pieces will make any individual stand out in a crowd.

For example, the Ashoka diamond cut bracelet showcases brilliant diamonds that are cut in this one-of-kind style, with many facets which capture the light and make them appear larger. Made from platinum and Ashoka gems, these bracelets are manufactured in painstaking detail and come in a variety of styles, such as the baguette and Audrey style. Each is designed to complement both individual skin tone and the shape of the wrist, and with so many different styles to choose from, anyone is sure to find one that is as unique as they are.

Ashoka diamonds are also used to make a number of different necklaces that are a hallmark of brilliance, beauty, and elegance. Whether the occasion calls for a floor-length ball gown or a glittering and modern designer dress, wearing a diamond necklace made of Ashoka diamonds is the perfect way to top off a look that drips with style.

Whether it's the circular petite harem necklace, with its Ashoka charm-like design running off the main chain or the diamond and platinum baguette style necklace, each design is one of a kind. In addition, because each of these gorgeous pieces are made by hand by the Goldberg gallery, a company that has been trusted for years for its quality and style, those who wear them can be assured that their value and construction will end for years to come .

One of the most unique Ashoka cut diamond creations in this huge gallery of glittering jewelry is the Rain of Hearts watch. When people think of these diamonds, it is unbelievably for them to think of watches, but they have been used to create a timepiece that is a feast for the eyes.

With its rows of Ashoka diamonds and a square face framed by another thin row of similarly-cut gems, this watch is like no other in the world, and created exclusively by this company. The Ashoka diamond is as versatile as is it unique, so it is little wonder that the jewelry created from it will make its owner feel exactly the same.


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