The Endurable Diamond

WP Snowball - Turn 1 blog post into 363

WP Snowball - Turn 1 blog post into 363

The way a diamond looks is almost indescribable. It can give a man a feeling of such pride and success when wearing a nice diamond set in a beautiful ring. With a woman it can arouse unfathomable feelings of devotion when given to her by the man she loves. they're kept as family heirlooms and handed down from generation to generation. they're truly timeless treasures. When cared for properly their beauty endures for ages.

Diamonds were formed millions of years ago in the earth's interior. they're a mineral made of pure carbon. they're the hardest natural surface known to man. Are hard enough to cut glass. They can only be scratched by another diamond.

They've their uses in industry as well as making some of the most thought after jewelry in the world. In industrial uses, the quality of a matters very little because it's used for its hardness and heat conductivity. they're used in drill bits, saw blades. Are ground into powder to be used in polishing. Diamonds are used in laboratories for experiments involving high pressure. they're so much more than just a pretty rock.

The first diamonds were mined in India. In their ancient civilization they were used as religious icons. Their use as engraving tools date back to early human history. Also very early in history, diamonds were believed to hold magical properties.

They were worn to give courage and put in sickbeds to aid in healing. In some instances it was even administered internally in powdered form. The Hindu culture believed that the powder of flawless diamonds could cure you, give happiness. Long life. The powder of a flawed diamond was poisonous and could kill you. In the European culture, it was also used as a cure for ailments and then as a poison.

The most popular use for them is their incredible beauty. The love affair with diamonds as adornment in the European culture began around the Eleventh century. At first they were worn only by royalty, later by the aristocracy. Finally much later by wealthy commoners. Not until our modern times has the diamond become available to almost anyone. Although they're no longer believed to hold any real magical power, the magic they create in the mind of anyone who wears them can not be denied.


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