The History Of Chocolate Diamonds

The history of chocolate diamonds is important. Becoming familiar with it can help you better understand both their value and their significance in the jewelry industry. Did you know that chocolate diamonds first appeared over 400 years ago? Many believe this was the first time that these precious stones made an appearance in the jewelry industry, and they have been present ever since.

Knowing a little more about the chocolate diamond, or brown diamonds, will also help ensure that you don’t get tricked into buying a knock off. Some not-so-honest jewelers will try to sell you colored gemstones instead of the real deal If you want to protect yourself when buying a diamond of any type, make sure you get a certificate of authenticity so you know it is indeed real.

Origin Of Alluring Chocolate Color

So how do chocolate diamonds get there color? The process is actually quite simple to comprehend, but is also fairly complex as well. The simple version of the story is much easier to understand when you think about it. The diamonds get their color from high pressure which essentially compacts tiny particles into one small area. These tiny particles, which are primarily made of nitrogen atoms, are considered to be impurities and have a slight discoloration to them. The discoloration in each atom contains a very small amount of yellowish brown coloring. These tiny particles, when pressed together, combine and produce a particular color in the diamond. The color depends on the concentration and quantity of particles that are present.

The history of chocolate diamonds indicates that the first chocolate diamonds appeared at some point in the early 1600’s when a famous collector first discovered them. Over the years as more and more were discovered, they became more and more popular and people of different social statuses began to wear them more frequently.

Recent Trends

In more recent years, colored diamonds have become more and more popular as well. In the year 2000 the first line of chocolate diamond jewelry products were released which sparked further interest by many. They are now quite popular in the jewelry world of today and are worn by people of all different social statuses.

The history of chocolate diamonds shows that many different colored diamonds have been discovered throughout the years. Most of the colors that have been discovered are variations of yellow and brown.

With regard to how many different colors there are, it depends on the concentration of the impurities in the diamond. There can be a number of different colors from champagne to yellow to dark brown. Of course the most valued diamond is the natural color diamond because it does not contain any discoloration, therefore is considered to be the purest diamond of them all. These diamonds are still by far the most popular diamonds among consumers, but the colored diamonds are definitely growing in popularity and will continue to do so in the future. As long as there is still a supply of them available, jewelry wearers around the world will continue to wear them.

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