The Manliest Wedding Bands on the Market

“Manly” and “jewelry” aren’t two words that usually fit together in a sentence. Yet, even if you’re the type of man that hates man-bracelets, ear studs or neck chains; if you’re planning to get married and profess your undying love for your significant other, chances are you’ll need a ring. So, if you want to let your loved one know how proud you are to be with them, but want a band that’s a little more interesting than the usual plain gold ring, it’s time to think about your options.

Masculine Metals

Gold, silver and platinum are fine, but if you want a ring that’s a little more individualistic, you should consider opting for a less-traditional ring. Damascus steel is an impressive option. With Damascus steel, you’re getting an incredible, unique option. Forged in a traditional middle-eastern style, Damascus steel is more commonly found in hunting blades, traditional swords, and nowadays, kitchen knives.

The smelting process sees the white-hot steel folded over and over for strength, durability and style. This folding process creates the sharpest edge possible in knives. In wedding bands, it creates the sharpest look. The folded steel, which is hammered, cooled, heated and folded again, leads to a gorgeous grain pattern, somewhat like natural wood grain.

So, rather than opting for an actual wooden ring, which might be a little too impermanent and easily damaged for a wedding ring (which symbolizes eternity and durability), a Damascus steel ring gives you a charming, imposing, unique and stylish alternative.

What Will People Think?

Most men settle for the usual, tired gold or silver. Platinum is a more notable option, but none of those rings have the story of Damascus. Carefully crafted and skilfully designed, a Damascus band is the unusual option that will always garner admirers. Putting time and thought into an unusual wedding band will also show your loved one just how much you care about your big day, and about your lives together.

Impress with a One-of-a-Kind Wedding Band

Your bride-to-be is probably pining for a diamond in her wedding ring. She deserves the ring of her dreams, and so do you. Ask your jeweler to show you their selection of alternate rings. A search for Damascus steel will not disappoint.

Don’t Leave Your Bride Behind

Obviously, the wedding band you choose isn’t just about you. A lot of couples love to have matching rings, so if you’re a big fan of Damascus steel, consider buying a ring with an inlay that matches your bride’s. Damascus steel’s dramatic appearance opens designers up to a massive range of opportunities that most metals do not bring to the table. The rich, layered pattern of the metal, which ranges from near-black to light silver, sets off gemstones powerfully, calling attention to your love.

Be Bold – Get a Unique Ring for Your Unique Love

The exotic patterns of a Damascus steel ring are so unusual and so mesmerizing, that there’s little chance you won’t be impressed when you find one. Just make sure that your bride’s ring is just as beautiful, so she won’t feel left out.

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