Twin Diamond Strip Cat – A Boon For Disheartened Farmers

In EAME market (Europe, Africa And Middle East) use of Strip-Till machinery is on continuous rise. The reports of worldwide researches, that certify the multidimensional benefits of twin diamond type Strip Cat, also contribute in its growing popularity. According to one such report, "Yields are higher in striped-tilled lands in comparison to the agriculture produce in comparison to no-tilled farm units. while it was 41.5 bu / a in no-tilled farm land (Randall Et Al., 2001). "

The strip tilling with Twin Diamond Strip Cat warms farm's soil, which is the better aerobic condition for seedbed. Strip-tillage makes the nutrients of farm soil better adaptable as per plant's needs. It gives protective untilled soil ground covering between two rows. The soil erosion after the proper use of Twin Diamond Strip Cat is found less, if compared with soil erosion in traditionally tilled farm. When we apply liquid fertilizer, it directly goes to tilled rows having seed and emerging roots. Therefore, there is no waste of fertilizer in strip tilling. It reduces the amount of needed fertilizer because of improving the abundance of fertilizer chemicals to roots. Strip tilling farming method saves money and time both because it reduces the numbers of trips in the field to make ready for plantation. Strip Cat tilling also delivers the advantage of reduced carbon prints because of less fuel burning. If you are switching over to strip tilling first time, better do it under the expert guidance of some professional. Many companies making Strip Cats offer free guidance to their buyers.

Many kinds of machinery for strip tilling is available in the stores but if you want to get the claimed and proven benefits of strip tillage, it is must to used to a properly designed machinery. Twin Diamond type Strip Cats share major share of the market. Before buying any make, list your buying parameters. Your location, the field's location, area of ​​field, type of soil, main crops, crop plan for coming year, weather conditions and funds availability etc. are just a few to name, which must be essentially included in your buying parameters. Also compare the technical features like type of burm builder discs, NH3 cold flow system w / controller, depth band wheels, row cleaners, capacity in tons and configuration ease etc.


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