What Is The Best Day To Propose?

Any relationship with a future deserves an engagement ring. However, the act of proposing requires a little bit more than knowing you’ve found the one. Whether you plan on doing something crazy like proposing while skydiving or something more classic like a candle lit dinner, the proposal itself takes a lot of planning. In addition to popping the question at the right time in the right place, the engagement ring itself requires plenty of thought. It can be nerve wracking to learn about diamonds, budget for the cost an engagement ring, and finally to pick the perfect ring for her. But that is truly only have the battle. You still need to ask her parents for permission (or not) and determine the best day to propose. If all of this has your head spinning, relax. If she’s the one, then figuring out when to actually propose will be a breeze.

The Best Day To Propose

Ask any couple about their engagement story, and you’re likely to hear a wildly different take on the proposal. Many brides will claim they knew something was up early in the day. Whether it was the special dinner reservations, the awkwardly timed vacation, or the simple fact of him getting a haircut, future husbands often tip their hand. However, just as many brides to be are completely shocked by the proposal. The truth is, the best day to propose may not always be the day you planned. It is quite possible to plan a trip to the beach only for it to storm all weekend. It is also possible to pick the one night restaurant service is miserable or to get a parking ticket. In these cases, take it as a sign from the universe to wait a little bit longer.

best day to propose
If he’s acting weird and dressed nicer than normal, he might be trying to propose!


When it comes to getting engaged, the best proposals happen when a couple is truly in love. If this is the case, then the ring will be perfect, he’ll overcome any possible butterflies, and she’ll be able to overlook the fact he’s got a couple dozen roses “hidden” in the trunk. If you plan on getting engaged soon, trust your heart, and be sure not to stick the ring inside her dessert!


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