Your Diamond Engagement Ring – Diamond Engagement Ring History

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As if finding true love isn't hard enough, now you've to worry about the traditions that come with deciding to get married! Like it or not, there is a certain amount of ritual involved and your engagement or betrothal ring is a big part of that.

A diamond engagement ring is a traditional token. It represents an offer made and accepted and is one of the defining symbols of your relationship.

It's one of the few things that you'll have together that's only influenced by your feelings for one another. In fact in some cultures your engagement ring is also your wedding ring.

You already know that in the West your ring is worn on the fourth finger of your left hand. Do you know why?

Well, according to legend, this finger contains the magical vena amoris or the ‘vein of love’. –. A vein that runs from this finger directly to the heart. Now while this may sound like more of an overly romanticized Latin fairy tale, strangely enough the ancient Egyptians had a similar theory about a vein that carried true love to the heart that also ran from the fourth finger of the left hand!

For those that are less romantic and more practical, the giving of a ring is a relatively new phenomenon. Although common in ancient Rome, prior to the 19th century the western bride-to-be was offered other gifts –. Like a silver thimble as a betrothal promise. The diamond engagement ring didn't even feature until the 1930’s!

How much should a diamond engagement ring cost?

Traditionally the ring wasn't just a symbol of love it also represented the ability of the man to care for his wife financially. Remember those were the days when the man went to work and the wife stayed home and cared for their house and children. He'd to be able to earn enough to support his family. A rough rule of thumb was that the ring should cost the equivalent of two months wages.

So who buys it?

In the 20th Century it was traditional for the groom to buy the ring in secret and present it to his love when he proposed. We’ve all heard the many stories of overtly romantic proposals and cringed at the stories of extravagant proposals that went disastrously wrong!

In the 21st Century the magic is still in the proposal. As the majority of couples live and bank together the purchase of the ring is becoming more and more of a joint process. She gets the ring that she loves to wear and it comes at a price that you can both cope with.

Where to buy a diamond engagement ring.

While your traditional jewelry stores are still very popular, thanks to vast improvements in diamond quality and incredible technology that allows you to design and see your own unique diamond ring, purchasing your diamond engagement ring online is becoming a very popular, safe and cost effective option for discerning buyers.


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