What to expect during your visit to a Poggenpoel Studio

First of all, you’ll notice we’re not a store. You’ll be strolling into a busy, but relaxed, studio with diamond consultants, jewellery designers and goldsmiths doing what they do best.  We’ll offer you some coffee, worth saying yes to, and then you’ll be joined by a knowledgeable consultant and/or designer for a session.

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All Your Vintage Engagement Ring Questions Answered. (Interview)

  The two most popular engagement ring styles at this stage are simple solitaires… and intricate vintage designs. Polar opposites. I nabbed our head of design and one of his team members for some good old feedback on common questions in the realm for vintage engagement ring design. Both have done stellar jobs at creating […]

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How You Can Source The Perfect Diamond.

Finding that special someone who you wish to share your journey with should never be taken for granted. You’re in a very fortunate position.  Pairing up your proposal with the perfect engagement ring will upgrade that moment to a highlight of anyone’s life. And I’m sure that’s what you’re aiming for.

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5 Great Reasons To Choose A Solitaire Engagement Ring.

Being in the diamond and jewellery trade for many years, I’ve grown to be sensitive to trends, both micro and large. And let me tell you solitaires are trending stronger than we’ve ever seen. Being intrigued by this we’ve been having countless chats with visitors to understand why the classic solitaire is as appealing as […]

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