Diamond Structure

Diamond structure is the simplest of all gemstones, when you look at it from the chemical perspective. It is the same substance as the soot left inside a glass candle holder after the candle has burnt up. Chemically, it is just plain, crystallized carbon, the same substance used in "lead" pencils. However, the diamond is […]

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A Diamond's Cut

Diamond's belong to the most wanted items worldwide and it has been like this for centuries. Everybody knows what a diamond looks like and nobody would mind if their were being presented with a diamond, but what exactly is a diamond? We all know its very hard (in fact, its one of the hardest materials […]

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Prosperity Life Insurance Group Announces Sale to Investor Group | Business Wire

NEW YORK–( Prosperity, through its member companies, Shenandoah Life Insurance Company (“Shenandoah”), SBLI USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. (“SBLI USA”) and S.USA Life Insurance Company, Inc. (“S.USA”), is a leading provider of protection, supplemental and asset accumulation products distributed through banks, independent marketing organizations, managing general agencies, career and worksite channels. Prosperity’s insurance operating subsidiaries […]

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Unique Ideas for Personalized Jewelery

Personalized jewelery is such a great gift for someone you love on a special occasion. From engraved rings that carry a personalized message to charm bracelets that have a carefully chosen selection of charms, we've got some great ideas on great ways to add to that extra extra special to your gift. Trollbeads Trollbeads are […]

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What Is Diamond Core Drilling & How Is It Useful?

Diamond core drilling has come up as the best method to remove large pieces of cylindrical materials from concrete surfaces. The drill bits used for this purpose are fitted with diamonds that can easily cut most of the materials easily. The term diamond core drilling is derived from the process of drilling or cutting materials […]

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