A Diamond Engagement Ring Should Be Chosen Carefully

In America, the UK and several other countries, a diamond engagement ring signifies the acceptance of the marriage proposal, and the fact the woman has committed her future to her choice of husband. A young woman now requires her young man to spend at least two months salary on a band of gold set with diamonds to prove that he loves her. The marketing industry has certainly earned their fees paid by the diamond corporations in promoting diamond engagement rings!

Before choosing a diamond engagement ring, it should be determined whether or not the choice should be a joint one. It has been traditional in the USA for the man to purchase the ring and offer it together with the proposal, though this could be expensive if he has misunderstood the young ladies feelings for him. In the UK and other parts of Europe the couple tends to choose the diamond engagement ring jointly. A much safer arrangement!

When you buy a ring you should get the best you can for the money you are spending. When choosing diamonds engagement rings, most people fail to take the shape of the finger into account. A long slender finger can easily handle large and bold chunky stones and rings that would look out of place on a shorter finger, although that same long finger could easily lose a fine elastic ring that is more suited to a short hand.

Short fingers can be elongated with an oval diamond engagement ring, and you should also keep the band width in mind. A thick band is best with a longer finger, and a thin band can help a short finger to look slightly longer. The stone shape itself is important, and while the most popular diamond shape for a diamond engagement ring is round, do not absorb anything. If you are not shopping jointly, then get an idea of ​​her preferences from her existing jewelry. Some women like solitaire diamonds while others like clusters. Some prefer straight clusters while others prefer twists. In fact some young modern women might prefer a colored stone surrounded by a cluster of smaller diamonds.

An important factor that most men fail to consider is practicality. A large solitaire diamond engagement ring in a chunky setting may look great, but if the woman is expected to wear it all the time, you have to consider whether or not the stone will get used in the diapers or the setting continuously snag her tights. Also to be considered is how easy it is to keep clean.

A diamonds engagement ring might be a symbol of your undying love, but make sure that you do not get it thrown back at you because it is not to her liking. Either let her choose with you (best idea) or ask the advice of a female relative (not ex girl friend!). You might even want to consider giving her a loose diamond and then shopping for a suitable setting together later. Whatever your choice, if you take your time and choose carefully, then you will have a great chance of getting it right.


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