Disadvantages Of Cheap Belly Button Rings

Piercing of different body parts with various piercing rings and piercing studs has a long history. In different cultures and at different times men as well as women wore metal rings for various reasons. Some tried to show off their beauty and sex appeal, while others demonstrated their power or high social position. Sometimes the rings in the body even symbolized religious and solemn rites. Nowadays the situation has changed, but body piercing jewelry is still rather popular, especially among young people.

Rings for body piercing can be made of different materials. Traditionally they have been produced from pure gold, sterling silver, platinum, stainless steel, anodized titanium or other precious metals and their alloys. Such rings are often encrusted with precious stones or gems. But high-qualitative body piercing jewelry made from solid gold, for example, is rather expensive, so, young people often just can not afford such belly button rings. For this reason many designers and jewelers started to use cheaper materials for belly button rings manufacturing. Such body piercing jewelry, of course, has a lower cost price, so, nearly everyone can easily buy it. But still there are several facts you should be aware of, buying belly button rings of this sort.

Cheap belly button rings are never made of solid gold. As a rule, they contain different pigments and chemical components, which can influence your health. Chemical materials often cause allergic reactions. This leads to itch and burning of skin, sometimes the body temperature can raise. That’s why, if you feel not very well after you have placed such a ring into your navel, you’d better take it off.

One more disadvantage of cheap belly button rings is their poor durability. In most cases they break rather soon. Moreover, they lose their attractiveness very quickly. After some months of wearing such ring will become dull and faded, while the rings made of solid gold will serve you for many years without loss of quality.

Besides, those parts of body, which are usually pierced, for example, tongue, lips, navel, nipple, eyebrow are rather sensitive. Cheap materials don’t protect our body from infection so good as pure gold does.

From the one hand, belly button rings made from low-quality materials cost less, so everyone can afford them. But from the other hand, one should be aware that cheap rings not only are non-durable, but can be dangerous for health as well.

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